Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m not a fan of writing paragraphs due to my lack of grammar knowledge and the high insecurity that comes along with people reading what I’ve written and judging my intelligence based on that so here’s a list.

  • Hairstylist in Baltimore, MD
  • I plan on sharing my work on here along with color formulas, techniques used, and photos of hair that I’ve done
  • I’ll share about what it’s like from my perspective to try to make a career for myself in the hair industry as someone who qualifies in the ‘millennial’ age range
  • Also plan on sharing the struggles of trying to wrangle adulthood while maintaining any glimmer of a social life as well as relationships with friends and family
  • Born and raised in Bel Air, MD (about an hour outside of Baltimore) I will never go far from my family as I have a difficult enough time seeing them as I live close to them currently (workaholic)
  • I play around with finding different creative outlets outside of work so lets hope that this one (the blog) sticks!
  • I’m so insecure about people reading what I’ve written that I may not even share this blog for others to read. Still deciding on that
  • SZA’s ‘Drew Barrymore’ is currently playing in the background on my computer

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