—welcome to my first hair post peeps—

I created this look using Goldwell Color, and Arrojo Product for styling. I had the pleasure of having a clean slate for this hair color! And this bride to be wanted a really natural look. The word ‘balayage’ is French, and it means ‘to sweep’. She felt that she liked her natural hair color, but that it looked too dark in pictures. During our consultation she said she wished her hair color could have just stayed the same as it was when she was a kid on the beach. This gave me everything that I needed to hear. I knew how much of a contrast she was looking for, and how natural of a look she was going for as well.

I did this balayage using clay lightener, and I started around her face and worked my way towards the back of her head so that the pieces around her face processed for the longest amount of time. After she was done processing I toned her hair with Goldwell’s Colorance toner 8BA and a pinch (literally, a pinch) of 7GB for the full 15 minutes. After her haircut I sprayed Arrojo’s Primp Working Spray in while wet, and then power dried the hair so it had some grip to it. I then added more spray in addition to Arrojo’s American Wave Shine Spray while I curled her hair with a 1 inch curling iron. To finish, I sprayed more working spray in her hair while I brushed all of the waves out with a bristle brush and voi·la!!! A beautiful, soft gorgeous color is created.


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